Sunday, March 3, 2013

People, Hell and Angels Streaming Online

The entire People Hell and Angels album is now streaming at the NPR official site.  The album will be available in stores on Tuesday.

NPR First Listen: People Hell and Angels

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New compilation album

A collection of 12 rare studio recordings from 1968 to 1970.   No commercially available music included.

1.  Valleys Of Neptune (1970 instrumental take)
2.  Heaven Has No Sorrow
3.  Cherokee Mist (1968 version)
4.  Astro Man Jam (excerpt)
5.  Ships Passing Through The Night (alternate version)
6.  Midnight Lightning (alternate version)
7.  The Things I Used To Do
8.  Blues For Me And You
9.  Trying To Be
10. Guitar Improv
11. Further On Up The Road
12. Seven Dollars In My Pocket

Includes liner notes.
Download Here

"Earth Blues" available now

"Earth Blues" from the upcoming Jimi Hendrix release People, Hell and Angels is streaming online here...
Listen to Earth Blues

Producer Eddie Kramer discusses another PH&A track "Hear My Train A Comin" here...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Somewhere (single) Updated info

The new Hendrix single "Somewhere" is being released this week with 2 different B-sides.
U.S. version (Feb 5th)
A.  Somewhere
B.  Foxey Lady (Live Fillmore East 01/01/70 1st show)

U.K. 7" limited edition vinyl version (Feb 4th)
A. Somewhere
B. Power Of Soul
"Somewhere" is the lead off single from the upcoming Jimi Hendrix album People, Hell and Angels, available in a month.   The U.S. single B side, "Foxey Lady" is a previously unreleased mix.  Its a live version from the thrid show of Jimi's historic Band of Gypsys concerts at the Fillmore East in NYC.  A rough mix was included on the 1986 Capitol records album Band of Gypsys 2 which has been out of print for over 20 years.    

The UK B side, "Power Of Soul" is also previously unavailable.  This studio version was mixed by Jimi and Eddie Kramer in August of 1970 at Electric Lady studios.   A shorter, alternate mix can be found on the 1997 album South Saturn Delta.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Raw Hendrix (3CD collection)


This is a 3CD set I put together featuring various Jimi Hendrix tracks in their original, unedited and unaltered form.  No official music is included.
CD ONE: (77:29 min)
1. Taking Care Of No Business (unaltered 1967 version)
2. Somewhere (experimental mix)
3. Voodoo Chile Blues (unedited version)
4. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (rough mix)
5. Inside Out (rough mix)
6. Calling All The Devil's Children (unedited version)
7. Hear My Freedom (unedited version)
8. New Rising Sun (unedited alternate mix)
9. Electric Church Red House (unedited version)
10. It's Too Bad (unedited version)
11. Georgia Blues (rough mix)

CD TWO: (74:42) 
1. Blue Window (unedited version)
2. Hey Gypsy Boy (unaltered alternate mix)
3. Midnight (unedited version)
4. Young/Hendrix (extended alternate mix)
5. Mannish Boy (unedited version)
6. Crash Landing (unaltered alternate mix)
7. Hear My Train A Comin' (extended alternate mix)
8. Easy Blues (unedited version)

CD THREE: (77:50)
1. Valleys Of Neptune (unaltered 1969 version)
2. Born Under A Bad Sign (unedited version)
3. Villanova Junction Jam (unedited version)
4. Country Blues (unedited version)
5. Once I Had A Woman (unedited version)
6. Valleys Of Neptune (unaltered 1970 instrumental)
7. Cherokee Mist (unedited version)
8. Bolero (extended alternate mix)

Download Here:
Raw Hendrix CD1
Raw Hendrix CD2
Raw Hendrix CD3

Includes extensive liner notes with track details...

People Hell and Angels (update)

In a little over a month, the new Jimi Hendrix album People Hell and Angels will be released.  Experience Hendrix & Sony Legacy have been pulling out all the stops to promote the album.  

Click here to get more information on the upcoming Hendrix album and hear samples of each track.

Another link on PH&A

On a recent episode of Hawaii 5-0, around 4 minutes of music from the album was featured.  Click here to hear it...

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Experience Hendrix has made the upcoming "Somewhere" single available on various internet sites.  Click here to hear it....

Also, the following site includes the new track as well as an interview with co-producer John McDermott  discussing the entire album.
John McDermott on PH&A songs